Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Forresters Beach Seventh-day Adventist Church


Health Ministry

At Forresters Beach, we believe in a wholistic approach to the person. This means as a church, we are not only concerned with the spiritual wellbeing of everyone, but also the mental, social and most importantly the physical health of each individual. Wholeness and health have been an emphasis of the Seventh-day Adventist church since the 1860s when the church began. The Bible reminds us that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19), and we have been entrusted with the privilege of maintaining and improving all aspects of our health.

Our Health Ministry, which operates under the banner of AdHealth, aims to help our members and our community to develop lifestyle habits which will enable each of us to live healthy, vibrant and abundant lives. We conduct a cooking class that operates out of the Food Technology Room at the Central Coast Adventist School on the last Monday of each month, and we also run the CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) from time to time.


Our monthly Adhealth newsletter will keep you up to date with all the happenings of the health ministry, in addition to numerous healthy tips and recipes. Previous issues of the newsletter can be found here. Please 
contact our Health Ministry leader Cheryl Ivin at / 0403 848 242 if you have any questions.