Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Forresters Beach Seventh-day Adventist Church



In our journey of trying to get to our Promised Land (the earth version, which pales in comparison to our heavenly one of course), the blessings so far have been MANY. What we need now in the final stages of the pre-build process is YOUR full support and contribution. Some of the features in our new church that will greatly enhance our ability to preach the gospel and accommodate more people include:

  • A proper baptismal font
  • Almost double the room of what we have now in the sanctuary
  • A large multi-purpose hall that will fit everyone in the sanctuary (and probably slightly more)
  • Seminar room for public meetings and programs
  • Much larger Sabbath School rooms that will accommodate all our children, youth and more
  • A commercial kitchen
  • Separate mother’s room as well as a cry / quite room
  • Pastor’s Office / Counselling room
  • Sick bay
  • Large foyer
  • Large outdoor area
  • Many more!

The plan is to start building by March 1st, but we will need to raise approximately $360,000 by then (including pledges). This number could actually turn out to be less as we finalize the budget, but we NEED YOU to contribute!

We have 289 members on the Erina church roll, and about 35 at The Entrance. That doesn’t include non-members who attend (and of course members who no longer attend). Assuming we can get 200 people to contribute, that’s basically $1800 per person for the next 3 months (you can also pledge that amount over a longer period of time) That’s no small feat for some as it will require a sacrifice. As a church however, there are many who can contribute more than that (and they no doubt will), which is why we exist as a church family! We will endeavour to provide a weekly tally, so keep an eye out in the bulletin and newsletter. Here are the ways in which you can contribute:

1. Set aside money (cash / cheque) to put into the offering bag every week.
2. Pass any cheques / marked envelopes directly to Rick Belford, the appointed Building Committee Treasurer or Sebastian Caminiti at The Entrance.
3. Donate  through the new e-giving link (click here)
(make sure you go to BUILDING FUND (Forresters Church), which is the 3rd section down.)
 4. Pledge an amount (if you are fulfilling a pledge through any of the above three methods please indicate accordingly when you put in the money!). Pledge forms are available in the church foyer.