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Community Service

In Matthew 5:14, Jesus tells us that we are supposed to be "light of the world". One of the most prolific authors who ever lived wrote the book "Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing" and in it, Ellen White writes these very poignant words:
"In ourselves, we have no light.  Apart from Christ, we are like and unlit candle.  We don’t have a single ray of light to shine into our dark world.  But when we turn to Jesus, the Sun of Righteousness, when we come in touch with Him, our souls light up with His brightness.’’

As Jesus was sent to represent the Father, so we are sent to represent Jesus.  Our Saviour is the Source of light, but don’t forget that He shines into the world through human beings.  God’s blessings can come from human hands.  Jesus Himself came to our world as the Son of man.  The church, made up of each individual disciple, is the channel heaven uses to reveal God to humanity.  Angels are waiting to spread heaven’s light and power through us to those in danger of being lost.  And what if we fail to do our assigned work?  Then, to that degree, the world loses the life-changing influence of the Holy Spirit it might have had.

When Jesus lives in a person’s heart, the light is impossible to hide.  The light of His love will shine out.

It is this motivation that drives us to give as much back to the community as we are able. Besides the often impromptu visits and bringing of food to the sick and needy, as well as the frequent hospital visits by our many church members, we combine with the Haven and Gosford churches to help in the Coast Shelter Community Centre. Over 53,000 meals were served last year at the Centre; that's up from about 2,000 from the previous year. There are 14 meal times a week, so that's about 70 meals that are served every Sunday night.

Different volunteers help out on a weekly basis, and if you would like to contribute, please contact Pam Bellette at / 
0410405559. For more info about Coast Shelter, please click here


At Forresters Beach, we also work closely with the local councils and government, as well as with ADRA (Adventist Disaster Relief Agency) to regularly discuss and coordinate disaster recovery emergencies. We have trained representatives who are ready (and of course very willing!) to assist everyone in our community should the need arise. For more information about ADRA, which also assists and coordinates relief efforts worldwide, please click here